Diamond Authorized Service


We're the leading Diamond Aircraft Service Center in the region with the specialized factory training, equipment, tooling and inventory to support these advanced aircraft and their diesel powerplants.

ICON Authorized Service


ICON Aircraft made a huge splash with the debut of their amphibious A5 light sport aircraft.  We're proud to be the only factory authorized service provider in the Bay Area.

SavvyMx Preferred Shop


We're proud to be a preferred maintenance provider for SavvyMx managed aircraft. The quality of our work, responsive service, and competitive rates set us apart.

PistonPower Partner


 PistonPower™  is general aviation’s first and only comprehensive protection program for  piston aircraft. Designed by aviation pros who’ve designed and built similar programs for turbine engines, PistonPower™ brings stability to your maintenance budget and peace of mind to your business and personal flying. 

 Diamond Aircraft and Austro Engine are proud to announce their  partnership with PistonPower™ to offer the Diamond Airframe and Engine Program on all new DA20, DA40 XLT, DA40NG, DA42-VI and DA62 aircraft, as well as in-service Diamond aircraft, through their Authorized Service Centers